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Frequent Questions

Swimming Pools

What is the best shape swimming pool?

The best shape swimming pool is the one that fits your backyard the best. Swimming pool shape depends on the size of your yard and the shape of the lot. You should also consider what type of activities you want to do. A lap swimmer will select a different shape than the family who wants to entertain.

Vinyl Liners

Is 30 mil thick vinyl liner for an in-ground pool better than the 20 mil?

Both liners usually offer the same warranty. The 30 mil liner is more money and a little thicker but that doesn’t necessarily mean it will last longer. We feel that a 30 mil liner may be better if the walls or base of the pool aren’t smooth but, they are not as pliable in radius corners and tend to rip.

How do I find a leak in my in-ground vinyl liner?

We first have to try and determine if there is actually a leak or if it is evaporation. We have specialized equipment to determine if there is a leak and where it is located. We use a listening device that puts a small electrical charge into the pool tracking the flow of electricity as it makes connections to the ground through conductive penetrations of the liner.

How do I measure water evaporation from my pool?

You can measure water evaporation in your pool by doing the bucket test. Place a five gallon bucket on the second pool step and fill it to match the water level of the pool (probably have to put concrete block in bucket before you fill it with water to help keep in place). Over the course of 2-3 days the bucket will lose water from evaporation and gain water from rainfall at the same rate as your pool! As long as there is no splash-out or backwashing during that time, if the pool level drops more than the bucket level then you have a leak.


How do I know what size pump and filter I really need?

Your pump and filter will be sized according to the volume of water in your pool. The main objective of any filtration system is the ability to turn over all the water in your pool at least once within a period of 12 hours. A Hayward 1 to 1 ½ hp super pump is usually sufficient for most residential pools.

Why does my pool lose water over the winter?

There are a few reasons why you could lose water in your pool over the winter. It is possible that you could have a leak in the liner, the winter cover could have a hole in it and as you pump the water off of the cover you are actually pumping out the pool water or the most common is the weight of the snow, ice and water on top of the cover pushing down on the water in the pool and forcing the water out over the pool sides. We highly recommend a solid safety cover to help prevent this problem from reoccurring.

How do I open and close my in-ground vinyl liner swimming pool myself?

We highly recommend that you have a pool professional open and close your pool. Many pool owners try to open and close their pool themselves, without the proper equipment, knowledge and manpower, it is more difficult then it looks. The greatest risk is in winterizing the pool. If done incorrectly it could lead to a broken skimmer, return lines, pump and/or filter. This could be a very costly mistake.

Safety Covers

What type of winter cover would be recommended for my in-ground gunite or vinyl liner pool?

We would recommend a solid safety cover for both types of pools. Safety Covers are designed to protect both your pool and your family. Pool covers are manufactured to your specific pool size and shape, when properly installed; the safety cover will help prevent accidental intrusion by children and pets. These covers also have a drain strip in the center to allow water to flow into the pool without debris. A higher water level in a vinyl liner pool can prevent the liner from floating and a gunite pool could be forced out of the ground if the ground water is greater than the water in the pool.

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